Features that work for your company

Your new staff leave planner needs to align with your company's policies –
Timetastic has many customisation options, at a price point everyone can enjoy.

Timetastic department selector screenshot

Group your staff into departments

By grouping your staff into departments you can use the Wall Chart to easily compare and review absences to ensure you have the correct staffing levels.

You can set minimum staffing levels per department and see clashes before approving requests for time off.

Timetastic leave type selector screenshot

Holidays? Sickness? Maternity?
No drama.

Timetastic can handle any type of absence.

It comes configured with annual leave, sickness, maternity and paternity, unpaid leave, compassionate and meetings.

You can create as many additional leave types as your organisation needs.

Public holidays view in Timetastic

Public holidays

Whether it's Christmas, Easter or a bank holiday, public holidays from more than 20 countries are preloaded in Timetastic.

You can customise these or create your own set of company-wide days off such as an annual shutdown or a sunny day off for all employees.

Work schedule editor in Timetastic

Work schedules

For each employee you can split their working days into two sessions to account for a lunch break.

Their working week is reflected on the team calendars so you can see who should be working and when.

When they book time off, the deductions from annual leave are based on their work schedule.

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Timetastic plays nicely with your other apps

Timetastic integrates with the following services:
Google Calendar, G Suite, Apple Calendar, Slack and Outlook Calendar

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