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We started Timetastic in 2012 with a simple idea — that we can all be happier and more productive at work if we can stop wasting time with pointless paperwork. Today, more than 100,000 employees enjoy our simple way of booking their time off work.

Out of clutter, find simplicity Albert Einstein

We believe in simplicity

We have made Timetastic as easy to use as possible. No one should need to revert to sets of instructions or user guides. We have a close understanding of how users interact with web apps and we are focused on usability. This ensures our product is simple to deploy and use, every day of the week.

Our business model is simple, too — one product, one price plan, one way to pay, online support, everything streamlined and simplified. This way we can run efficiently, keep the price down and focus all our efforts on improving Timetastic

100,000+ people use Timetastic

(and more join every day)

150k + Bookings recorded
every month
5,000 + Organisations using Timetastic. Will yours be next?
130 + Different countries where Timetastic is used
Made in Manchester and Made in Lancaster icons

Made in Manchester and Lancaster

Although our roots are firmly in the north of England — mostly Manchester — we have no office to speak of.

We started out working from home, communicating by phone, instant messages and Skype. It’s worked so well we’ve never felt the need for an office, freeing us from the restrictions and costs of a phone system, lease and maintenance charges.

No one has a stressful commute or travel costs. At home, without distractions, our team have space to think, the freedom to set their own schedule and work their own way.

At your service

If you have any questions about Timetastic, you are welcome to get in touch with us. You will find the answers to frequently asked questions and useful guides about how to get started with Timetastic in our help centre. Or you can send us a question on Twitter and we’ll be happy to help.

Take a look at our changelog to see how busy we’ve been fine-tuning and improving Timetastic.

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